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Thursday, June 14, 2018


My love for statement jewelry is no secret.  I love bold and gold!  My ideal outfit includes a simple blouse  and accessorize with statement jewelry. For years I have worn statement jewelry, but sadly two things would often happen.  Either I would lose it or the jewelry would break/tarnish easily. It has left me constantly spending money on new statement jewelry, and has gotten pricey. Due to that I considered investing in higher quality jewelry.

When I discovered Julie Vos I instantly fell in love.  It combined my love for statement jewelry, but the quality is amazing.  Outside of my wedding ring I have never really had high quality jewelry.  Well...except for in the 2000s when everyone was wearing a Tiffany's & Co bracelet and I just had to have one. HAHA! I'm 31 so it is time for me to invest in jewelry I can have for years.

Shop my personal Julie Vos pieces

Outfit details

Julie Vos is an investment but so worth it for many reasons, here are just a few of the top ones!

1. If you love gold there really is no other better option.

2. Brings elegance to statement jewelry.

3. Timeless designs that won't go out of style.  My mom already is wanting her set, the style looks great at every age.

4. Versatile pieces that I can wear with almost every outfit.  Naturally when I make the decision to spend more I need to get a return on my investment.  And by that I mean I look at how many items in my closet. There are pieces that are a bit more subtle to full out bold pieces. 

5. Quality! Another reason I was ready to ditch wearing my other costume jewelry all the time was sometimes it would irritate my sensitive skin.  I've had no issues with this jewelry since it is 24K gold plate and Nickel free!

My Wish List

When these pieces arrived, the first thing out my husband's mouth better not lose these.  Ugh! Thankfully, each piece came with an individual care bag to protect them.

Are you like me and had hesitations about investing in these pieces, but don't want to lose them? One thing I have been doing is I stopped taking my jewelry off at random places.  Before when I would get tired I would take it off different place around the house.  I now only take them off in my bedroom and immediately put them in my pouch.  

I love all things gold, statement, and elegant.  If you have the same love I strongly recommend upgrading to these pieces.  Above and beyond that, if you are tired of having to replace you costume jewelry every month?!  I was, and made the upgrade.  So maybe you should too! 


*Jewelry generously provided by Julie Vos, all thoughts are my own.
Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Father's Day is almost here! Shopping for my husband when it pertains to what he truly wants, can be a tough task.  My husband has never been a clothes person.  He does like to look good, however he would be greatly disappointed if I showed up on a holiday with only clothes. Give him any type of technology or gadget and he is satisfied, and he will love me forever. 
With Father's day coming up I knew exactly where to get all the gifts I needed for a guy that doesn't want clothes.  He is exactly pretty difficult to shop for because I don't keep up with the up and coming tech items. I am not tech savvy at all, so I relied on Brookestone to make shopping easier for this Father's Day. 
If you have a guy like mine that would prefer to not get clothes, well I am giving you gift ideas below.  And what's even better is can find all of these from Brookestone! I think Rick will be pleased with me gifts this year!  He has also requested to have a relaxing Father's Day, so I will manage the kids, and let him kick his feet up! Rick does so much for the kids and this household so the least I can do is get him gift that I know he will love.

One: Bluetooth Speaker

Two: Power travel charger

Three: Massager with Heat

Four:  Whiskey Decanter Set

Five: Draft beer system

Six: Watch Winder

Seven: Fitbit Smart Watch

Eight: Bone Conduction Headphones

Nine: Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Ten: 5- Piece Grill Set with Digital Thermometer

These are just a few of my favorite gift ideas for a guy that wants nothing to do with clothes.  If you are like me and a last minute shopper it's not to late to head to Brookstone to get your Father's Day gifts before the holiday!

*Products graciously provided by Brookstone, all thoughts are my own.
Thursday, June 7, 2018


Having confidence doesn't come easy, I believe it is something everyone will feel depleted of at some point.  Especially for me after having 3 kids you naturally have physical insecurities that can open those feelings of not being confident with yourself. One thing about confidence is it can be so liberating, and honestly make you feel that you can do/complete anything!

Have you struggled with not having a lot of confidence?  I HAVE! Whether it's rooted from physical insecurities, professional, or social you CAN overcome it.  The step to overcome having low confidence simply starts with making a choice to believe in yourself and love who you are.


              Top or this | Jeans Clutch + Cost effective option here Shoes  Earrings  |  Bracelet  

I wanted to share some simple ways I worked to become more confident in myself. 

1. Push that self-doubt to the back.  I know this sounds easier said than done, but it's starts with just one thought that you are enough that can lead to a series of more confidence boosting thoughts.

2. Establish a workout regime:  Getting back in the groove of working out can be absolutely tough to do.  I understand that.  However, if I have not worked out I feel sluggish and not like myself.  And on top of that it doesn't help me achieve my fitness goals, which means I am not working on my physical appearance. After I have been on a regular workout regime I feel great about the way I look, and feel I can conquer so much.

3. Circle yourself with people that push you:  It's so important to have a solid foundation around you. People that you not only trust, but wants to see you win.  I'm not talking just a YES person, because I don't need you to say yes if it really should be a no.  However, people that have visions, goals, and actually take action on them.  If you are around people that are never achieving anything or complain constantly, consider if that is the right choice.  That energy transfers.

This even correlates with social media.  I personally am very cautious with who I follow on social media.  For me I don’t follow a ton of celebrities where my life does not relate at all to them. I typically only follow ones I feel I have something in common with. Example Tamera Mowry-Housley, because let’s be real I’ve always felt like I was her sister haha. Take a look through the list of people you are following. Do they make you feel good? Are you comparing yourself too much to them? Maybe it's time to click the unfollow button for some people.

4.  To continue with comparison.  Stop comparing the way you look and someone else successes.  Everyone has a journey, everyone has pitfall, and what may be their weakness is your strength.  I stopped comparing others life to mine a long time ago.  Partly because the blue print of my life is not the same as that other woman that is super successful. As difficult as it may be, the person you think you want to live their life has struggles too. So be happy to be you!

5. Revamp your wardrobe:  Is your self-confidence down because you are wearing frumpy clothes, or even clothes that are not flattering for your shape?  I know for me I wear clothes for the shape I am in now.  I don't squeeze myself in a size 4, because I am not there.  Also, as a busy mom of 3 it's easy to grab an old t-shirt  and mom shorts and run errands.  But how does that make you feel?  I found simple ways to elevate my wardrobe.  Still comfortable but makes me feel good about the way I look.

If you are struggling with low confidence due to physical appearance. Consider evaluating your wardrobe and see if it is uplifting you!

6. Take action on your life: I say this so much, and really mean it. I don't root my level of confidence in success.  However, it does feel great to reach personal goals.  I recommend setting goals for yourself if there is something you wish to accomplish.  Reaching a goal makes you feel great about yourself. It’s not enough just to have goals but you must take action on them.

7. Get a makeover/spa: Do you feel in a rut with the way you look, and feel it is effecting your confidence? Go get glammed up for a change.  Sometimes your need to really get jazzy to really remind yourself that you still got it.

8. Self-Assessment: The only way I could get to the root of what caused lack of confidence was to take some time to self-evaluate what was blocking me from feeling confident.  Be honest with yourself.  It helps with your individual growth.  And ultimately if you can't even assess own self, how will you ever be receptive when people in your circle have tips to help you develop.

9.  Relax: Stop overthinking everything, because in reality half that the stuff you cannot change!

10.  Embraces your imperfections:  I wish I could say I'm perfect, but I'M NOT! (I am sure those are the words my husband has been waiting to hear haha!) I think when my confidence really grew was as I got older and realized I am imperfectly perfect. This is who I am! Yes I can continue to develop and strengthen myself in certain areas, but ultimately I will still be me.  Once I truly accepted that I realized how much being me was a great thing!

Remember to make a choice to push that self-doubt away! Take action on your goals, and wear what makes you feel and look amazing!