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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


With Spring being here, well for some places Winter is still rearing its ugly head.  Ugh! Hopefully we will get to Spring temperatures soon!  Spring always brings some great holidays to dress up and look girly and cute. Mother's Day is coming up, which means it is a perfect opportunity find a cute dress in your price range.

I don't know if you are like me, but sometimes I can spend hours trying to find a dress that fits me and in my price point.  Today I have rounded up many of my favorite dresses in the under $50, $100, and $150. Don't worry all of these dresses will be very flattering on many body types.

I am still losing this baby weight, so I am currently gravitating to flared dresses like the one pictured.  Then on top of the fit it just so happened to be my favorite color! Double win! 

Maxi Dress: Great on many body types.  If you are under 5'4' you will want to get Petite if they offer it. I love Floral Maxi's perfect for Spring.
Sheath:  This is a great structured dress.  Be mindful depending on your shape this could look somewhat boxy.
Fit and Flare: I absolutely love this style of dress.  It is fitted in the bust and torso and then flares right before the midsection.  Definitely a very feminine style that is great if you want a dress that conceals.
Swing Dress: Very comfortable dress, but depending on the style it may not be super dressy.  I wear swing dresses a lot for every day wear.
Wrap Dress: Perfect dress for Mother's Day, wedding guest, or family pictures.  Flattering for many body types.


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UNDER $100

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UNDER $150

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Use this guide through this Spring season to help give you some inspiration to some perfect dresses for this time of year!  Tag me on Instagram so I can see the Spring dresses you picked! Happy styling!
Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Let's talk about my most used type of bag...TOTES.  It's the style of handbag I use 90% of the time.  It fits my all the different aspects of my life.  What I love most about totes is I can fit so many items yet, but still be fashionable.
If you are a busy woman juggling many different tasks then you need a tote.  It typically has multiple pockets, roomy, and allows me to include all my mom life items in it.  Keep in mind totes typically are larger in size, so they aren't the most ideal night on the town bag.  I wear totes when I am running errands, going to kids activities, and even to work. 
I have tote bags in all price points and I love each for many different reasons.  Are you wondering which price range you should purchase?  I am sharing my review of each price point below!


Budget-friendly:  Blush color tote Rowan - Target

Cost: $24.99
Pros: The price is clearly amazing.  I love totes that are fashionable but don't put a dent into your pockets.  This price point is perfect if you want if you aren't ready to commit financially to a more expensive tote bag.  To be honest this bag is a fraction of the cost, but still accomplishes the same things as my more expensive bags.  Let's face, Target is great at making budget-friendly items that still feel quality.
Cons:  This tote is a little on the small side for my mom life, but I still love it. Another thing is while the quality is not bad, the bottom is showing some signs of wear sooner than my other totes.
Historically, when I get handbags in this price point they start to lose their shape quicker and/or easily get creases.  I find I have to replace this price point handbag almost seasonally. 
Be prepared that you will have to replace them probably quicker than a pricier brand.  But honestly with the price it doesn't really matter. 
Middle of the road tote:  Metallic Gold color tote McGraw- Tory Burch

Cost: $398
Pros: Tory burch is great at being affordable enough that you can attain one of their bags, yet still give luxury quality. The quality is great, and there is a ton of room is this tote.  I chose the metallic color because I think it is perfect way to jazz up a neutral. Also with this metallic it allows you to dress this tote up or down.  
I personally love Tory burch totes because the style can so easily transition from Work/Night.  In contrast I never bring my Neverfull to work with me.  Tory Burch truly makes bags for the every day versatile woman. Grant it I am biased because Tory Burch is probably one of my favorite brands.
Cons: I wish this bag had dividers. Another con is I need my totes to be VERY durable because I wear them a ton.  Sometimes getting a tote in a fabric outside Saffiano kind of scares me, I know it is easy to show signs of wear. So far this tote has been holding up well, but definitely not as durable as my Neverfull.
I love the McGraw tote, they come in every color, and perfect option if you want quality but not ready to spend Louis Vuitton.  I will definitely be able to get multiple years of wear. 
Splurge tote:  Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull Tote

Cost: $1400

Pros:  The quality of this bag is excellent and durable.  It easily wipes off stains, which is helpful because having 3 kids I am bound to get something on my bag even when I try my hardest. Another added perk is if there is any defect with the bag's leather LV will fix and if it is not repairable they will replace. That is quality! 
I was torn between the MM and GM, but I thought to myself...I work full-time, have 3 kids, and always busy with errands, get the large! I'm only 5"3" so I questioned if it would swallow me.  Surprisingly it still doesn't look too obnoxious in size. 
The feature I think I love the most about this tote is you can cinch the sides, which transform the tote to have more structure.  This makes it a perfect date night bag.  Let's face it everyone has some type of the Neverfull bag. I didn't know if people were just hyping the bag up at first, but now I realize it is worth the investment. 
I can seriously fit everything in this tote. I opted to go with the beige and gray, because I love light neutrals and felt it would fit most with the items in my closet. 
Cons:  There is no divider in this tote, which can be a pain.  Especially since this tote fits so many items, so I find that I am always having to pull everything out to fine one thing! The canvas in the inside stains pretty easily.  I am mindful of what I put in that tote.  If I have makeup I make it a point to put my makeup in a cosmetic tote.  Even with being super careful I still have random smudge marks on the canvas inside. 
I wish the strap was a little more comfy.  Since they are so then they kinda dig into my shoulder.  It is only minor discomfort, but just something you should be aware of! 
Not going to lie the price is steep for a tote, and was definitely something I had to talk my husband into being on board about.  Unless you got it like that, this tote is not something you will just run out and grab.  I did my research on it, and actually wasn't going to get it but then my awesome hubby surprised me with it.  
I will say it is a great tote and my favorite.  My advice is if you would like to splurge on any handbag I strongly recommend doing your research, and read peoples reviews.  I got this tote because I knew I  could get a lot of wear out of it.  Definitely is a staple piece that I will have for many years.  If you want to splurge on a designer bag, research it and make sure that bag is the one for you. 
Overall, there are cute totes at every price point. I can't stress enough NEVER to break the budget just to get a designer bag.  If you are going to use almost your last to pay for a designer bag.  Consider a more budget friendly option.  There are so many that can are cute that can fit your budget. It took me about a year to decide if I really wanted the Neverfull, so take your time. 
Another tip is before splurging on a designer option take it for a test run.  Whether it would borrowing a friends or trying it in the store.  I shop online for about 95% of my items, but when I bought my Neverfull I went to the store to ensure the GM was the best bag for me. For me I was regularly having to buy new totes from Target, that I decided it was time to splurge.
I love totes, and think all of them accomplish generally the same mission.  It's just a matter of which better suits your budget.  From a person that has a tote in every price point, I would definitely say the Neverfull is worth the investment. I have never been a person that needs to be decked out in designer wear, but it is always nice to elevate your wardrobe by getting some staple pieces.
Tuesday, April 3, 2018


There is a new trend to try….OVERALLS.  Most of us, myself included wore them back in the day.  I used to wear mine with only one strap clasped, and had the other one dangling.  Fashion I swear is so cyclical.
When I saw the trend reappear, I am not going to lie I questioned if I would partake.  I’m only 5’3’ so I didn’t know if it would have me looking like a little girl or Ooompa Loompa. The truth is overalls are very versatile and you can wear for your momiform, date night, or just for casual days.  I noticed there is a wide range of pricing for overalls now.  I can’t justifiy paying over $100 for overalls, as I think this is a very trendy. Especially, since there are tons of affordable options.  So I went on the hunt for some in my price range, and I found both overalls from AmericanEagle.  I bought both when they were Buy 1 get one 50% off, plus I had an additional 15% off coupon code! YES! That is always the perfect opportunity to try a trend when you can get it on sale.



Here are some tips to help you perfectly style your overalls:
Pair it with fun heels – Looking to dress it up a bit?  Pair it with a patterned heel to dress the overalls up.
 Grab a fitted shirt – While my mid-section is not the tightest.  That last thing you want to do with overalls is wear a really lose top. Consider pairing it with a fitted top, and it your body is really on point a CROP TOP! I’m not there yet, but I love seeing that look too.  It brings me back to the 90s, and how much I wanted to be in TLC! HAHA!  If you aren’t that comfortable with wearing a fitted top, just remember the bib of the overalls does block the problem areas.
 Let the overalls be the statement piece – As you can see I didn’t accessorize a ton.  I feel like overalls already are the statement, and should be the highlight. Don’t worry about having to go over the top with statement accessories or jewelry.
 Add a layer – I didn’t style the overalls in the pictures with this, but consider adding a layer on top of the overalls.  Maybe an open cardigan or even kimono.  This will give you another style option to transform your overalls.
 Sneakers – What’s nice about overalls is it can be casual or dressy, based on how you style it.  How I wear my overalls most of the time is with sneakers and for my every day runs.  I feel it gives my momiform a different spin.  
Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, and try this new trend out.  I am not the person that tries out all trends.  Even with the new overalls & my Oompa Loompa fears,  I tried it and love how they look on me.  I also chose to try the skinny leg fit, as I feel it flattered my shape more.  BUT there are many fits you can try.  It’s a versatile style that can be worn many different ways.   JUST TRY IT!
Happy Styling!