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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Dress: Jcpenney | Shoes: Zara (sold out) similar here | Earrings: Kendra Scott  Ring: Bauble Bar | Bracelet: Bauble Bar | Purse: Target | Hat: Target

What better way to embrace the season changing than with a group of ladies that equally love Fall style! It's always awesome to get a group a ladies together that support and motivate each other!  We definitely had an Empowerment Exchange! 

It's so refreshing to be surrounded by ladies that are just as motivated as myself, and keep pushing to get to the next level.  It happens so often that some women feel that you can't support women due to being threatened and that it will take away your shine.  I've always had the mentality that if I am in a great outfit, I am going to share the details.  Or if I find a resource that gives you a level up I want to share. If you ever feel threatened just know that when you have women with drive and goals around you it will only help you grow to the next level!

Always challenge yourself to be better, even if that means people around you are helping you accomplish that! 

I was able to use this Empowerment Exchange as a challenge that I face often.  Events come up (weddings, birthday parties, work functions, etc) and Rick is always saying "don't break the budget". Ugh! I swear Rick is always trying to kill my fashion vibe! HAHA!   Fall/Winter is full of different occasions and you don't want to go broke trying to be stylish at every event!

Fall is almost here and you definitely can pull off an awesome street style look without paying a ton of money.  This look can be duplicated for less than $100! I bought this bag from TARGET on sale for $29.99!! It's plenty spacious and allows you to have your mom life in a bag plus your personal items! My shoes I snagged from Zara last year, but found some that are half the price that look almost identical! Sidenote: If you haven't grabbed a Burgundy item for this upcoming Fall season then you will be missing out! I love it and perfect for Fall and Winter season. 
For me pulling off an affordable look is easiest when I eliminate the amount of pieces required to complete an outfit. Keep your accessories to a minimum, wear a dress/romper to reduce the amount of clothing pieces needed.  It was an added bonus that my dress had a built in bow that eliminated my need to purchase a necklace.  When you are considering a budget friendly outfit, try to minimize the amount of pieces that goes into an outfit. It will drastically decrease the expense when getting an outfit.

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Happy Styling!



  1. Oh wow what a great shoot and an amazing idea of empowerment.
    You look fabulous.

    1. Thanks so much! I loved linking up with these fab ladies! XO

  2. It's been a joy getting to know you through this glam process. You are truly a sweetheart and it shows through your photos and in person.
    Loved standing next to you for this shoot girl!

    1. Thanks so much for kind words! You rock! And can't wait until future collabs!

  3. LOVE that burgundy dress!
    xo Jessica

    1. Thanks so much! Burgundy is a favorite of mine!

  4. I love this post! Great job girl!


  5. Omg!!! Love this blog post. It's such a different topic and it's amazing.. I'm so hooked on your style.

  6. All of your looks re amazing!! I especially love the burgundy on you, and the tie detail is so cute! xoxo

  7. What a fantastic topic! Such a great read and I absolutely loved that group shot! These images are next level and you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep killing it girl!! xo

  8. GIRL!! You are gorgeous and this dress is perfection! I can't believe the price! xo