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Thursday, September 29, 2016


Top: Loft | Pants: Loft Shoes: Tory Burch (sold out) almost exact here | Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet: J.Crew Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: BP

Fall has arrived and so has all the colors that come along with it.  This season one of my favorite colors is definitely Burgundy/Wine.  It is so season appropriate and can worn so many different types of ways. 

So far this season I have added Burgundy pants, floral tops, handbags, dresses, and even shoes.  Speaking of florals, I am a sucker for a cute floral print.  If you love floral just as much as me, consider incorporating your prints to fall hues.  This will take the Summer look out of it. 

Here are some of my favorite color combos to consider that include Burgundy!

Navy and Burgundy: This will bring a classy and preppy look! I've done that in this combo, and it is great for casual wear.

Black and Burgundy:  If you want to edge it up a bit and really have a glam look, pair burgundy with black.  This creates a glamorous look, and also a perfect way to jazz it up. 

All Burgundy:  Step outside of the box and try this color scheme!  Just make sure to keep it to only matching 2 pieces in color.  Anymore you could end up looking like a color swatch. 

Blush and Burgundy:  This is classy, feminine, and chic.  This will give you a very elegant look, would be great maybe pairing a blush top with a Burgundy skirt. 

The options are endless with Burgundy.  You truly cannot go with with this color, so take advantage of adding it to you wardrobe this season!

Happy Styling!

Monday, September 26, 2016


Dress: Target, I bought this in store by Who What Wear it isn't online yet, but tagged some similar, here and here Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Nordstrom | Watch: Michael Kors |  Tote: Dagne Dover | Nail Polish: Midnight in Moscow

Part 2 of my work attire series, has arrived! 

Many of us our working ladies, or have been at one point.  I spend 40 hours a week at work, I think it only makes sense to share my work favorites.  The shirt dress is a major work staple to add to your wardrobe. Truthfully, this dress can be worn really at any semi-dressy occasion! This dress is so versatile and very appropriate to wear to work.  I seriously cringe when I see woman in corporate America that is wearing a mini dress that is like 4 inches above the knee.  Don't get me wrong I love a good mini dress for a night out, but the work place isn't one of them.  There are so many cute appropriate options, and a shirt dress has never failed me.  What I wear to work is an extension of the employee I am in the work place.  Whether I like it or not, it is true.  So dressing the part is always necessary. Along with following your company dress code. 

Lately I have been wearing the Midi length shirt dresses. Really...any midi length has me sold.  I love this length, and it looks great on any height.  I am a shorty (and proud),  and this length is great for my sis and shape.  Another benefit to midi length is my office is always freezing,  this gives me some extra fabric to keep me warm. 

Just like any blouse sizing is important. If you get size to small you will end up having the stretched out look at the chest area, or tight around your arms. With shirt dresses if you get too large it can look somewhat like a tent, just size appropriately. 

Another major work staple is the classic black pump.  I wear these anytime I decide to put on heels.  I have to walk to different work sites frequently at my job, for me comfort it pivotal. I am going to be honest, I had some black pumps that I bought for like $30 bucks, and my thought was I would just wear these to work and why pay a ton.  Well, that back fired on me. First, they were like 5 inches (which is is an epic fail at work). Second, my feet hurt pretty much the moment I left out for work.  Moral of the story, is invest in your black work pumps. Your feet will thank you later!

I styled my look with my game changing tote! It fits my laptop, makeup, wallet, lunch, and gazillion other items! I found this gem at Dagne Dover!  It's great quality, very affordable for the size, and I use it all the time. I have the 15 inch.  My next work series will give a closer look at this bag, to show in depth how it has change my work/mom life! Lol!  Stay tuned for part 3!

Happy Styling!
Thursday, September 22, 2016


Top: Loft | Jeans: Express Shoes: Steve Madden (sold out) similar here Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet: J.Crew, Crz Design | Necklace: Kendra Scott  Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Tory Burch (sold out) similar here and here

It is the first day of Fall, and I couldn't be anymore excited! The only problem is that Texas weather cannot decide if it wants to stay Summer or turn to Fall.  For me I am finding that I wearing tops that are the best of both worlds. I'm definitely dress for the season, but I still keep the temperature in mind.

Wearing a white top keeps the outfit weather appropriate for the temperatures we are facing.  Along with this top being light and airy.  Yet, the sleeves make this a great transitional top as we start to face cooler morning and evenings.

The biggest highlight of this outfit is definitely the peplum top! I grab peplums for every season. During the summer I have sleeveless and short sleeves.  The moment I started to see long sleeve I grabbed some in every color.  If you down own a peplum you are missing out! It is your best friend in the days that you feel like you should have done a few more ab crunches.  There is also something so girly and feminine about this mini type skirt on this top. Peplums can be dressed up and down,  and are perfect for in between occasions where it is not quite dressy but not casual.

One tip with wearing peplums is you want the top to be size appropriate.  If you get it too big the peplum can add size to your frame.  If you wearing a peplum top you probably should have went a size up something that peplum flair can get stuck on the love handle.  (No, seriously it is has happened to me lol).  Which brings even more attention to your midsection.  So sizes yourself appropriately!

Happy Styling!

Monday, September 19, 2016


Top: Lush Pants: Old Navy | ShoesTory Burch | Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet Bauble Bar  Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Bauble Bar Tote: Dagne Dover

Part 1 of my Work Series is dedicated to how perfectly rock the business casual attire.  Almost all of my jobs have been business casual atmosphere. Many companies are going this route, or some even more casual than this.  I recently accepted a new position, and I am so excited because my new job will be completely CASUAL! I love wearing jeans and cute top.  But until then I want to share a few must haves that allowed me to have the perfect business casual attire

Slacks, Chinos, and crop pants:  I work an 8 hour day, so for me it is all about comfort.  Chinos, Pencil leg slacks, or khakis are the most comfortable option, yet still allow me to look professional. I always try to keep my work clothes very affordable.  I grab most of my work pants from Old Navy, Loft, and NY and Company. These stores have the best chinos/slacks for the price.  In the warmer months grab crop pants.  Crops are still appropriate for the work place and allow you a relief with the hotter temperatures.  I have chinos in every color. I also think it is fun to add prints in your wardrobe.  Naturally, I picked a leopard, but I also have polka dots as well. 
The all in one work tote: I have been searching for a work tote that i can also use to run errands with the boys. I didn't want to spend $500 for a large work tote yet I wanted quality, so it was great when I found this Dagne Dover tote. I needed a tote that I could fit my laptop in, cords, wallet, key hook, and basically my entire life.  For a while I would just carry my laptop home in my hand.  Which grew cumbersome quickly.  I got this perfect tote that is durable for work, mom life, and fits my entire universe in one bag.  
Flats: I love that my work place doesn't require me to have to wear heels everyday. Often I will be visiting my company's different work sites, so being in heels isn't always the most practical.  However, if you can wear flats at your workplace you want to make sure they still look dressy and presentable.  I have mentioned before that I like to invest in a good pair of flats, and part of the reason is because I wear them all the time.  I want a flat that is comfortable that still looks classy.  I grabbed the ones pictured from Tory Burch during that last private sale for a huge discount! I also will wear a black pump, that is another huge workplace staple. Just make sure you are being practical, and not wearing anything too high! Your feet will be killing you by the end of the work day.
Cardigan: I have every color possible cardigan color, plus tons of prints.  These are so versatile and allow you to easily switch your looks.  Not to mention its great for layering in cold AC offices.  Definitely start with a black, tan, and blue.  I interchange these with pants and will pair with a patterned dress. Target has great cardigans for an affordable price, also J.Crew will have some great colors. 
Printed blouses: 90% of what I wear is a patterned Portofino blouse and chino pants.  I buy almost every pattern of this top.  I love these blouses! Some blouses feel tight and not comfortable.  I love these because of their comfortable fabric, and how they come in so many different colors. These are normally $59.90, but I always use a coupon (Express frequently has coupons) or wait for a holiday when the tops are 40% off.  
This by no means is the only clothing items that define business casual, but these are some of my personal favorite go-to items. In general, you want to make sure you always check with your employer on what is their specific dress code.  My rule that I follow, is if I have to question if a clothing item is acceptable I will just not wear it.  Always air on the side of caution if you are wondering is this skirt to short, or do these pants look like leggings. Just don't do it.  Especially in my line of work being in HR...I always think the HR department definitely can't be the one's breaking the dress code rules. 
While your work ethic definitely will be the leading factor of how your employer will measure your value.  I still think how you present yourself is also just as important (even if it isn't said).  My main goal is to be comfortable yet professional. 
Stay tuned to Part 2 of the series!
Happy Styling!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Top: Old Navy Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Nike | Earrings: Kate Spade Bracelet Bauble Bar |  Watch: Michael Kors | Tote:Tory Burch (sold out) similar here

I don't do it often, but wanted to share another aspect of my life that is very important to me.  Physical fitness! Being a busy working mom I am always left with the puzzling question when will I have time to workout?! This has been a serious struggle lately. I've had to get myself together and start consistently working out again.

Earlier this year I ran a full marathon and the year before that I ran a half marathon.  Both of which the training was VERY time consuming.  Running for longer distances in general are tough because it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  I have shared that experience on a previous blog post here. After I completed my last race I needed time to heal.  And honestly, I was just worn out from running so much I took a much needed break.  As you can imagine my weight paid the price! :( These past 4 months have been I would say the toughest to date to get motivated to lose weight and get back to working out. I also think my body went a little bit out of whack. I went from running 25-30 miles a week to about 5, so naturally my body was used to burning a lot more calories. 

I got a reality check when I went to the OB/GYN (my dr. is pretty blunt) and she said there's been quite a increase of weight from last year! Ugh! She did say that frequently women coming up on 30 often start to see a decline of their metabolism. (NOOOO!!!)  And well I guess I was one of them.  I got another reality check that I needed to get my butt in gear when I realized that I have to fit myself in a bridesmaid dress for a wedding. I have never been a person that obssessed about the scale or what it reflects.  However, as of lately I have noticed that I carrying the added weight doesn't feel the best, and I have clothes that I need to get back to wearing! 
This has been difficult, because every week I will be like "Ok Taryn this week you are going to start" But then I will be swamped with Cameron's games and practices, along with everything else, and I slowly will push it to next week. :( 
I wanted to share some easy tips that have helped me incorporate working out back into my life consistently. I've found that to have the best success with working out I had to follow the below tips. Hopefully this will help you get a workout regime that works best for your life. 

Try an at home workout video: This has always been my saving grace honestly! I have never been a gym person. I always just wandered around trying to figure out how to work some of those crazy machines. ha! I know many people that love it, so if that is you awesome! I started doing at home videos years ago right after having Cameron, I tried the 1st Insanity video and loved it!  I used that video to lose my baby weight from Cameron and Calvin.  What I love about a video at home is the convenience.  If you struggle with having time to get out of the house, or no one to watch the kids this is a great option.  I put on the video when I get home from work, and both boys will work out with me! Or I will do it when I put them to bed.  I personally, have only used Beachbody videos as I feel they give me the best workout. I swear by any Insanity video or T25 (which is only 25 minutes!).  In the past I have also done Turbo Fire and P90X.  Of course, with all of these do it based on what works for your body.  If time or kids is an obstacle, try this as an option!

New workout gear: Honestly, this may seem silly, but in efforts to get me in the zone and excited for this fit journey I bought new workout gear.  I love workout clothes, and sometimes even wear them when I have errands to run.  I wanted to get some cute outfits that actually felt comfortable to work out in.  Typically, I stick with Nike products but wanted to step outside the box to try more affordable clothing. I opted to try Old Navy because they had them for cheap, and they had cute patterns! If you are need of workout clothes but not wanting to break the bank consider ON!  I had great luck finding multiples outfits.  Normally a Nike outfit can cost me close to $80, and I was able to get 3 outfits for that price!!! 

Running or Walking is the most affordable option:  Partially the reason I started training for my past races is because I wanted to get in shape, and not pay for a gym membership or new work out videos.  The easiest way to accomplish this was running. Sometimes, we make obstacles for working out that don't need to be there.  Nothing gets cheaper to workout than running in your neighborhood or local track.  Also, if running/walking isn't your thing you can also try Nike's Training Club app! It will give you workouts to do via there app! So ditch that excuse, because I had too!

Schedule your workout time: I pretty much use my planner for everything in my life, so it's funny that I never really was scheduling my workout as well.  Every morning I look at my planner for the day and week to mentally prepare myself for upcoming activities.  By adding my scheduled workout day it has allowed me to mentally prepare myself for every workout, and helps with not missing any workouts.  It doesn't have to be 7 days a week, even if you are working out 2-3 times a week that is great. Another tip: Try working out on the days you are not cooking.  I know for me sometimes cooking and having time to cook can be a lot after a work day. I try to plan my meals accordingly and will workout on leftover day.

Healthy Eating: If time is not on your side the simplest way promote healthy living and weight loss is getting a healthy meal plan.  Honestly, this should be happening even if you have time to work out.  For me, if I am not eating right then my weight loss/inches will be stagnate.  My diet is my biggest contributer at this stage in my life.  I am not going to get in all the details about what type of diet you should have. If you are working out and you aren't seeing an improvement, consider evaluating how diet.  That may be preventing you from reaching your fitness goals.

Most importantly don't be obsessed with the scale.  I rarely stalk the scale, because I know my weight fluctuates.  Also, because there was a time when I was really thin from running so much but didn't care for my shape.  So don't be defined by the scale. If you share some of the same struggles as me stay encouraged and consistent! 

Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Dress: NY and Company | ShoesJessica Simpson | Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet: J.CrewCharming Charlie, Charming Charlie | Necklace: Charming Charlie (sold out) similar here  Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: BP

And who says you can't wear maxi dresses in the Fall?! This dress is the ultimate twist on a maxi dress that is perfect for Fall! It is part shirt dress, part maxi, and part glam dress.  Pretty much it is all of my favorite things in a dress in one. 

I saw this dress & it instantly screamed my name! Here's why...Part of me loves being glamorous and over the top.  The other, loves Earth tones and playing it neutral.  Lastly, there is also a part that lives for being comfortable, and for me I love flowy dresses that allow me to just relax. Side note: If you haven't added Olive to your Fall wardrobe, you are missing out!!!

Do you ever have moments where you see a dress like this and you are hesitant to bring it home? Well, yeah that's me all the time.  This time I pushed myself to step out of my normal and bring out my inner glamorous Taryn. I know in most cases I will say to myself, where am I going to wear that? Or there's a slit in the dress, is that to much leg for a mom to wear? These are literally the battles I am having while in the store. HA! I pushed myself to shut up, and buy the dress!

So I challenged myself to step outside the box this upcoming Fall and make a few appearances with this dress.  I challenge you all the same! Is there a style of dress that inside you want to wear, but keep talking yourself out of? Well...this time live a little and DO IT!

Here are a few places I probably wear this to! Hopefully this will give you some ideas if there is a similar style dress you need help figuring out where to wear it to!

Date Night: Occasionally Rick and I will glam it up (because he knows I love to dress up, so he will appease me haha).  Go out to a nice dinner with your babes.  Dress up just because! This will definitely get his attention, and still is comfortable enough to eat all your favorite pasta dishes!

Fall Wedding:  This would be perfect for a semi-formal wedding! What I like about this dress, is that the slit doesn't go to far up, so you won't feel like you are giving a peep show and makes it still appropriate wedding attire.  I may also wear this to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding that I am in next month. 

Birthday Dinner:  I have my 30th birthday coming up! While I don't think I will wear this dress as main party dress.  I do think I may wear this as one of my birthday dinners (yes, I will be having multiple celebrations haha!)

Concert: Do you have a concert to go to that is a more laid back or comedy show? This would be a great dress for it! Now I don't advise wearing this to Drake/Future as it probably wouldn't be the most comfortable.  But a great concert would be if you are checking out R.Kelly's latest tour. Kevin Hart is also on tour, and this look would also look great!

I am strongly encouraging you to buy that dress you have been on the fence with or struggling where you will wear it too! Often when Fall comes around people instantly think boots, leggings, and sweaters.  And while I definitely love that look, it's always ok to switch it up and glam it up even in the Fall. 

Happy Styling!

Thursday, September 1, 2016


MY OUTFIT DETAILS: Jumpsuit: Bebe  | Shoes: Steve Madden (sold out) similar here | Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet Bauble Bar, Kendra Scott | Belt: Bebe (sold out), similar here Clutch: Charming Charlie

Throwing a Bachelorette party, and an awesome one takes a lot of teamwork and organization to create an unforgettable night for the bride and her friends! I recently had the opportunity to throw one of my closest friends a Bachelorette party, and I definitely wanted to share how we pulled it off to make the night a success! I know party planning can be stressful.  Hopefully you can learn some tips from how we organized the event, to keep your party completely stress-free! 

The bride-to-be let me pick out her dress (YAY!), and it was everything a Bachelorette should wear at her party! It was perfect! It was gold sequins! I feel that the bride always needs to be the center of attention.  Great ways to do that are by sequins or glitter, a colorful dress, or flared dress/skirt.  Another way we tried to make the bride stand out is by having all the guests in other colors. We encouraged everyone attending to be in black or red to match her wedding theme. Definitely a great idea to try! It also looks great for photo ops. Don't forget the sash! 

The Bride-To-Be of course has a sash to match her color scheme! 

I opted for a jumpsuit because I wanted to be comfortable as I knew it would be a long night. I also wore my most comfortable heels! Your goal is to make this night about the bride-to-be, so the last thing you want to do is be in an uncomfortable dress and achy feet. Be wise when choosing your outfit! 

It was a full team effort to pull off this Bachelorette party.  While I love throwing parties and typically can come up with some good ideas, you still need a team! For a Bachelorette party it is a great idea to collaborate with the Bride's closet friends to be able come together and work as a team for a few different reasons.

1. There are so many small details in planning the party, and it is nice to divide the tasks to ensure nothing is missed.

2. Two heads are better than one! We as a team would bounce different ideas off one another.  There were things one person thought of that I completely didnt remember and vice versa. Every one has strengths, so when you bring them all together it creates an awesome party.

3. Saves cost! Of course planning a party by yourself  will have more cost associated with it, so if you can try planning with a team of ladies to help divide the costs.

We got together to figure out what we wanted the night to look like that would give the bride everything she was wanting and more.  The outline that seemed best was an activity, dinner, and then head out for night life.  This allowed us to then start figuring out what places to choose from.  We did our best to make everything in close proximity so we would have to worry about getting an Uber or drive.

 In between events we also had a room that we were able to collectively go back and change for the night, exchange gifts, and pre-party. If it is within the groups budget I highly recommend getting a room for the night near the activities.  It's nice to hang out there in between activities, get ready together, and having a place everyone can crash at the end of the night.  Not all the guests were close to the party location, so this eliminates the need to travel after the party has concluded. 

This was definitely one of my favorite parts planning.  I love party planning, and I love paying attention to the small details.  I truly believe the small details are what sets the decor apart.

We decorated the hotel room, as that was our hang out in between events, it became somewhat like our version of a banquet room.  We mingled, partied, got ready, and exchanged gifts.

The bride-to-be's color scheme was red, black, and gold, which I love because it allowed us to get more glam decor. I tried to keep the decorations simple so it didn't look gaudy, but still make a statement. 

Here are some ideas of great decorations that took the room to the next level:

Flowers:  We bought roses that will simple yet went with the theme, but kept it cost efficient.

Balloons: These are a must, and especially when you are working on a fixed budget.  If you are in a smaller room all you need is really a dozen to elevate the room. Another great idea is to get I DO balloons, they look awesome and would be a nice added touch!

Backdrop: All ladies love a great picture backdrop so we got a gold and black foil streamers to place on the way, that way it doesn't look obvious of a hotel room.  


This was so much fun to create! It doesn't matter the amount in it, having a favor bag is definitely a nice gesture for the ladies that attend. Plus you can put in some fun items to wear for that evening.
To help give you some favor bag ideas, here is a list of items I included:

Name Badge: Bachelorette parties are an opportunity to be your alter ego! The name badges had a great selection of funny alter ego names for the night! So we got the most creative and outrageous selection. Each girl wore them for the night!

Nail Polish: Red nail polish was included in each bag.  Around each was a tag that said "Here's a lifetime to getting nailed" LOL! It was a nice touch.

Hangover Kit: Included Tylenol, makeup wipes, water (because obviously after that night getting hydrated was key) 

Jelly Shots: Because what Bachelorette party does not include a jelly shot?! 

Tattoos: I saw this on Pinterest and had to do it! The tattoo read "I'm with Lindsey's Bachelorette party if lost, buy me a drink" HA! They were super cheap and a fun addition.

Penis Straws: Because yes...that was a must for this Bachelorette party.  Again, not all brides are into that, so make sure you check with your bride first! 
I put all the items in a black gift bag and found on Etsy a label that could be customized with the bride's info to finish everything off. It was a nice added touch. 

*Don't forget the diamond ring confetti for a nice added touch! 

Since I mentioned Etsy let's chat about it...if you have not experienced Etsy yet, then you are MISSING OUT! I swear they have so many creative items.  Any time I throw a party Etsy is heavily involved in the decor.  I got majority of my decor for my wedding from Etsy, my wedding invites, Calvin's newborn picture props.  The possibilities are endless.  If you really want to take your party to the next level really spend some time on Etsy, I guarantee you will find some awesome items. 

Food and Drink: Our biggest priority as hostess was that we wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and not worry about drinks or snacks.  We did go out to dinner, but for the room we help plenty of drink varieties. 
It's important to have an accurate guest count so you can plan accordingly for all aspects of the party. 

Activity: The bride chose Painting with a twist which is a fun way to ease into the evening! We picked a woman in a dress painting to go with the bridal theme! Try to incorporate an activity that everyone can participate in.  Another great idea is always pole dancing class or Drag queen bingo! What's most important is think about what the bride really likes for this. Another thing to consider is you have many different people that are friends and family of the Bride, and the goal is to really getting people to mix and mingle. 

Another thing to consider is think about the people attending the party.  Typically most Bachelorette parties have a contribution of some sort.  However, you want to make sure you plan a party that all guest can afford.  The goal of the party is to give the Bride an amazing night.  You don't want to price people out because you made it way too expensive than what they could afford. So just keep that in mind when planning the events for the evening.

You want to make this night memorable for the bride and guests! We had an amazing time! I hope you can use some of these ideas when you plan your next bachelorette party! 

Good Luck!