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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Top: Loft | Jeans: Express ShoesJust Fab Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet: J.Crew Necklace: Kendra Scott (sold out) similar here  Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Gigi New York

I love putting on a dress, and looking glamorous. BUT the reality is my daily life I'm in something more comfortable and casual.  I am a busy, working mom, so most of the time I call my every day look my momiform.

My definition of momiform...A uniform that is practical, comfortable, work appropriate, serves purpose, and can endure grocery shopping, baseball games, and running a million errands.

A while back my momiform used to be throwing my hair in ponytail, leggings, and a t-shirt.  I shifted away from that for a couple different reasons. 1. I felt that I didn't feel my best when doing my errands, and I think it was due in part because I just threw on whatever was quickest to grab. 2. Majority of my life is spent doing errands, chores, and being a mom.  So if I always resort to t-shirts and leggings for my momiform it never would really give me time ever be cute. I started saying to myself  "Taryn this is your life (which I love), so why not do it in style."

I decided to elevate my momiform a little bit.  It still first and foremost will always be comfort first. Because I have too many things to do to feel like I have to suck in, or feet achy due to my heels.

Here is what I traded off
T-shirt for flowy blouses: I started choosing a cute loose fitted blouse instead of my old college t-shirt. It is the same level of comfort, but a lot more fashionable.  I get most of my blouses from either the Loft or Express, both have great quality blouses and almost always have a coupon!

Leggings for Jeans:  For me, I know not all jeans are comfortable. I try to make sure my every day jeans are more of jean legging.  It allows it to stretch more and very comfortable. You won't even notice that you aren't wearing leggings.

Gym shoes for Booties: Fall is here now, and I can now throw on my favorite type of shoe. Booties! I love these! They are very comfortable, but a lot more fashionable than my Nikes I always would wear. I do normally get a bootie with a heel, I make sure the heel is not too high and block heel.  Block heels are very comfortable, so when you have to speed walk because you are running behind lol, your feet won't pay the price. Another quick tip....I don't care for spending a ton a money on booties that are unique colors or not a staple.  I got these from Just Fab for $20 dollars when I signed up! Consider it for shoes that you won't wear every day!

A big must have for my momiform is to have a functional tote bag.  I can't do my mom living with a small cross  body bag. My life just won't all fit in a small bag! I need a tote, that will allow me to throw all my essentials PLUS stuff my kids. I am not the type to wear a backpack, I still needed a bag that was cute yet practical for my life. 

I got the Teddie tote by Gigi New York, and it was the perfect solution to my momiform. It is fashionable, large enough to hold everything, durable, has a compartment inside. And can be monogramed which is a major added bonus.  This fall I have been pretty obsessed with the color Navy, so the color selection was an obvious choice.

Time is not always on my side when I have a busy day, but I don't neglect throwing some type of makeup on my face. If you can, take 5 minutes to create a simple makeup look.  This helps me feel like I am Supermom! Because I think to myself I am running around with these kids, doing chores, working, sports mom, and looking cute while doing it all.  You would be surprise how this will give your self-esteem a boost!

Every women will have a momiform, or a staple outfit that will allow them to get many jobs done.  If you haven't yet try to elevate it just a bit.  This will make you feel so much better when you are doing the million errands that is on your plate. No reason you shouldn't be fashionable  while taking on the world!

Happy Styling!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Dress: 1.State  Shoes: Zara (sold out) here and here | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar | Underwear: BraPanty | Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

There are of course many black dresses to choose from.  Sometimes the endless options and styles make it difficult to decide on just one.  First off, having an all black dress is a must have in your closet.  There are so many occasions to get plenty of use of it, and you can always layer on top of it to create a different type of look.  I believe the LBD is a staple in any woman's wardrobe.  Are you struggling with how to make a selection for the perfect one? 
Here are the 3 elements I look for in a LBD to make it the perfect choice and fit for me! 
Midi Length: I'm in love with this length, it makes it perfect to wear in any occasion and venue.  Mini's are cute, but you are limited in where you can appropriately wear it. For me, I need a dress that I can wear many places to get the biggest value for my buck.  Midi lengths are great because it allows you to show off your curves a bit, but the length still makes it more sophisticated and classy. 
Double Lining: This applies when I am looking for a form fitting black dress.  I love body-con dresses, but I am very selective in picking them.  Some body-cons are paper thin and show every dimple and lump.  I love a double lined dress because it help smoothes out your silhouette. I've also fallen victim to wearing the dress that is see through when photographed. ugh! Double liner is also great if you are not a fan of wearing shape wear underneath your dress. 
Subtle Details:  When searching for an all black dress I like choosing one with subtle details, but not just a plain all black dress.  This dress is a perfect example.  It has the cutest lace up, that saves me the cost of having to buy a necklace.  However, it still is basic enough that I can wear many different ways and combos.  The best LBD's are ones that simple and not too many embellishments. So think less is best when choosing your LBD.
To pull off a body-con LBD you need the perfect undergarments.  Nothing is worse than seeing the bra line show through, or the underwear line that pushes making the love handles more defined. Your undergarments should be comfortable and play up your best features. Not make them look out of place.  In the hunt for some great undergarments I partnered with Soma Intimates to show the the perfect undergarments. 
I wore underneath this LBD dress their bra and panty from the Vanishing collection. It eliminated all my bra and underwear lines.  They come in a variety of colors, but I choose neutrals, so I could wear it under anything.  Consider these undergarments if you are wearing a form fitting dress or top! Definitely a game changer!
Be set up for success, and use these simple elements to pick the best LBD!
Happy styling!

*some of the items mentioned have been sponsored.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*
Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Tote: Dagne Dover Jumpsuit: Shein | Belt: Express(sold out) similar here Shoes: Steve Madden | Bracelet Bauble Bar  Watch: Michael Kors | Water Bottle: Kate Spade | PlannerKate Spade Phone Case: Sonix (sold out) similar here Notebook: Kate spade | Sunglasses: Prada | Beats by Dre Wallet: Michael Kors(sold out) similar here  Notepad: Effie's Paper | Pencils: Effie's Paper | Makeup: Hug Me Lipstick, Blot Powder, and Lip Gloss

Work Series Finale! This has been so much fun sharing my favorite work attire and accessories. Since a major part of my life is spent being a working mom! 

I wanted to conclude this series by sharing my game changing work tote that I also call a life bag LOL!  I recently received my Dagne Dover tote, and it came at the perfect time.  I was in need of a tote that I could use for work, along with my everyday life tasks if needed.  My previous totes were so unorganized.  I would have this huge tote, but would never be able to find anything because they would be at the bottom of the bag in one corner.  

I needed a bag that had compartments and would be organized.  There is nothing worse that trying to go on a scavenger hunt within your own bag for a stick of gum. Ugh! I also wanted a durable bag, that is great quality, but not be over $500 as many are that I was interested in. For me, Dagne Dover tote solved that problem in so many ways. I have the black 15 inch tote.  This is the largest size, which I NEEDED! There is a size smaller if you are looking for a more petite looking style.

Here are the benefits of this bag
1. Durability: I have carried this tote on a few cross-country business trips, spilled my drink on it, and still no signs of wear.  Very easy to wipe down.

2. Price Point: As I mentioned this bag holds everything and is less than $300! 

3. Fits everything: I have been travelling I have packed it to the brim.  I am able to fit my personal AND business laptop, wallet, umbrella, 1 notebook, 1 notepad, iPhone, my Planner that is the MEGA size, makeup, water bottle (it has a cup holder inside), laptop cords, sunglasses, headphones, pen (it has a 3 pocket pen holder), chargers, laptop mouse, and my travel toiletries.  This is not a joke, it can fit everything!

4. Multiple Compartments: Some of my biggest complaints with my previous work tote was that it didn't have compartments.  So everything would be piled on each other.  This has 4 different compartments so it allows you to organize your bag, which in turn organizes your life! ha!

5. Stylish: I wanted a bag that would still look fashionable.  I get so many compliments on this bag! So not only does it serve a huge purpose, but also is cute! DOUBLE WIN!

If you are after an all purpose tote definitely consider this bag! 

Since we are talking bags and accessories I wanted to share some of favorite items that I cannot live without in my tote bag.

I don't know about you but I feel pretty much loss without having a planner.  For me the bigger the better. I recently got the Kate Spade Mega planner.  This gives me so much space to write out all my to do items and make plenty of notes. I despise planners where you have to write so small to fit anything on the date. I am slightly obsessed with Kate spade products so I also got the cutest gold glitter water bottle! Along with a leopard notebook and pens.  Kate Spade is great when you want a some glamorous accessories that are still functional. 

If you haven't noticed I feel like I can never have enough stationary.  I recently got the cutest stationary from Effie's Paper.  Talk about making you feel like a Girl Boss! All of her products are so cute and have motivational captions.  I added to my collection the "Every day I'm Hustlin" Notepad, and "I'm not bossy, I'm a Boss" Pencil. Who doesn't want to write and get instant encouragement.  I am already eyeing the "Black girl magic" makeup pouch for my next purchase! For me I love for my work accessories and stationary to be fun with a hint of glam!

I always keep my everyday makeup products in my tote, that allow me to do quite touch ups.

If you are on the go like me, it is possible to have function but still be fashionable. All of the items I mentioned today help me accomplish that.  These are the little things in my busy world that keep my days bright. :)

An added bonus: My jumpsuit by Shein is seriously only $19.99.  The wide legs is a little different for me, but I love it.  So comfortable and I definitely obsessed with it! 

Happy Styling!

*some of the items mentioned have been sponsored.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*
Thursday, October 6, 2016


Top: NY and Company  | Skirt: NY and Company  | Shoes:sold out similar Go Jane | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar Watch: Michael Kors

Stripes! I am not afraid to put myself in horizontal stripes! Yes I know there is a fashion rule some where out there that says horizontal stripes make you look 10 pounds heavier, but I don't care! For the longest I would stay away from stripes, based on that lame "fashion rule".  Then I decided if want to wear stripes, then that is exactly what I am going to do.

Here are a few best practices I following when wearing stripes.

Pair with simple accessories:  If I am wearing all stripes I will tend to keep my jewelry to a minimum.  I don't want a lot of heroes in one outfit.  I love throwing on tons of jewelry, so this is a challenge.  Stripes for me can be very busy, so I don't want my entire outfit to be overbearing

Pick stripes you are comfortable with:  Typically, I will put myself in stripes with many different colors or thinly separated stripes. For me, this are the best on my frame.The rugby stripes or Beetlejuice thick stripes never looked flattering on me. Find a stripe pattern that looks great for you. Also if you don't feel comfortable having your whole outfit be stripes pick one piece.  

The fit is key:  I say this frequently but, size appropriately.  I used to always size down (maybe because I was in denial that I wasn't my once before weight lol). The problem with that is trying to squeeze into something, always does your outfit a disservice.  The outfit stretches way more than it should! This is very important with stripes. Size appropriately wearing stripes so you don't have the appearance of the stripes now being waves. Also if you are wearing a striped dress put on shapewear, it helps keeps those stripes completely horizontal. 

Stripes are versatile: There are so many ways to wear stripes, as you clearly know.  This look I opted to wear a knit 2-piece set. The options are endless.  I also love wearing a striped skirt with a vibrant color top or vice versa.  Stripes can be a great foundation for wearing other bold pieces. Most frequent I wear striped casual shirts that I can throw on with any color pants. Think of stripes as a base, and how you build from there is your personal preference. 

Be brave: If stripes is something you want to wear, then do just that.  If you follow the above tips, you are sure to find an outfit with stripes that is perfect for you. Wearing stripes is only a big deal if you make it a big deal. 

Happy Styling!
Monday, October 3, 2016


Dress: NY and Company ShoesSteve Madden | Necklace: Target (sold out), similar here Earrings: Kendra Scott | Cuff: Kendra Scott | Bracelet: Bauble Bar | Tote: Dagne Dover | Ring: Bauble Bar

Monday is here, and another day for the my work series. 
If you are looking to add a dress to your work wardrobe and you prefer a form fitting style, Sheath dresses are a great option.  They fit to your shape without being inappropriate for the work place.  For me personally, whenever I choose to wear a dress, I like to keep the colors neutral so it doesn't make it too much of a statement.  Sheath dresses are also great to be paired with a blazer or even a cardigan, to allow you to switch up the looks.

What I like about sheath dresses the most is the fabric is always thicker so it conceals more, and makes it less of a body con dress.  Just be sure to size appropriately so it doesn't turn into a freakum dress LOL!

The biggest trick with wearing form fitted dresses is to make sure your undergarments are sized appropriately.  The last thing you want is to look like Lumpy Lucy!  I teamed up with Soma Intimates to try out some of their awesome underwear. Soma has an intimates collection call Vanishing Back it is the perfect solution to eliminating the lump! It seriously does wonders not showing the normal bra and panty lines! Perfect for any form fitted dress! I will be sharing even more details on these intimates on an upcoming blog. 

On another personal note....being a working mom is very rewarding.  But at the same time does come with its fair share of challenges.  Juggling work, being a mom, and managing the tasks at home can be quite the tasks.  I sometimes feel like I can't do it all and well. I had to start strategizing in order more productive in the week and stay on task. 

Here are a few minor things that have helped me tons during the work week!

Grocery Pick-up is my saving grace:  If you have not tried this yet, you need to start! You can order your groceries online for a particular time slot, and simply pick them up via car side service.  I have a two day weekend, and the last thing I want to do is spend 2 hours of it grocery shopping. I typically order my groceries on Friday and pick them up at 8am on Saturday.  I get almost everything from grocery pick-up.  I like to hand pick some of my produce, so I go to my local Sprouts market to get those items.  Other than that tons of time is saved! Try it out if you are looking to save some time! 

Make the house chores and meals a team effort:  I often get caught in superwoman mode where I feel like I have to do everything.  The problem with that is it wears me down quickly.  I have now a all hands on deck policy.  Rick helps me with cooking (typically he will grill multiple meals), and I have given Cameron a lot more chores. I have also taught Cam some easy tasks to do that help me with Calvin.  Start giving duties to the other members in the house.  I started doing that when I realized I don't win a medal for saying I do it all! The only thing I get from that is loss of sleep. TEAMWORK!

Meal Plan: When I don't plan out my meals the week will get away from me and we will end up just eating out consistently. That never turns out good.  We end up spending way too much money, and we end up not eating the best.  I now plan all my meals out 2 weeks in advance, so I grocery shop accordingly.  I try to even cook two meals at one time, just to save me from having to do it after work.

These three things are not huge tasks I changed, but effective ones that have saved me time during the week.  Allows me a extra time with my family, or to run Cameron around from sport to sport. Hopefully some of these will help you! 

Happy styling!