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Thursday, January 26, 2017



As I have shared, life has been so busy! I am working, being a mom and wife, in the process of moving. So needless to say I has been swamped! With all of the things life has me balancing it has caused some added chaos.  Not to mention, home buying definitely is not just the easiest thing in the world either! Between coordinating moving some of our items from Michigan, moving schools, and so much more... this mom is spent! I can't wait to share this experience in further detail to help someone looking to purchase a home, and wanting some real-life person tips! 
Because its been busier I haven't been able to blog nearly as much as I like which has caused me to post many of my everyday looks on Instagram.  If you are like me I see people on Instagram all the time that I want to get the details of their outfit.  Sharing all the details of my recent looks, so it makes it easier to find out exactly where I got the items from!  Not to mention that most of these items are on sale, so definitely don't miss them! 
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Happy Styling!

Monday, January 9, 2017


Dress: Naked Wardrobe (sold out) similar here | Skirt: T and J Design ShoesSteve Madden | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet: Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

Who says you can only wear bright colors in the Spring and Summer?! I don't know about you but it has been freezing in Dallas! And I needed to brighten up my wardrobe.  It seems that I have been living in Blacks and Earth tone sweaters as of lately. This week my hubby celebrates his birthday, so I thought this would be the perfect week to wear something bright! 

To add to the celebration, this past weekend I shared that we recently purchased a home. YAY!! So I have definitely felt in a celebration mood.  Can we talk about this house for a minute?  We have been in Texas for 2 years and have been working and preparing ourselves for this purchase.  We worked really hard and sacrificed quite a bit. (home buy ain't cheap!! ugh!) Our home will be done within weeks, and we are counting down the minutes until we can move in. I'm so excited to decorate each room with love! 

I will be starting a home series soon, and taking you through my decorating journey! I also plan on sharing some general tips to help you get to the road of homeownership, or finding the right home for your family.  I learned so much, and we had to work through some steps to get to this point, and definitely want to share in order to help you! SO between birthdays and home ownership, I have been ready to celebrate and feeling bright! 

Back to my outfit...My favorite color is yellow and normally, I put it on the shelf during this season. Don't get me wrong I love all back, and my turtlenecks. But one of my favorites.  If you have a birthday, shower, Easter, or any party coming up definitely purchase one.  For me they are flattering, hide any areas you wish to conceal, and fun.  I typically stock up on a few because I know there will be some type of celebration throughout the year I can get use out of it.  

Be bright and happy through every season!

Happy Styling! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Dress: Local Boutique similar here  ShoesSteve Madden | Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet: Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar Clutch: Charming Charlie (sold out) similar here

Sparkling in 2017! New year, means new opportunities! I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. I try to regularly set goals for myself and entire family. It helps me not to remain stagnate and constantly pushing and working to be better. 

This is the 1st blog post of the year so it was fitting to share some of my goals for 2017.  Hopefully we have some of the same, and can encourage each other to keep working on toward achieving them! It feels so good to be back blogging.  December was absolutely nuts (in a good way).  Between work, running after these kids, and holiday festivities. Along with Rick and I getting ready to make one of the biggest purchases of our life (eek!).  Needless, to say it was all I could do to keep my eye lids open. BUT, I'm back!

Prior to each year, Rick and I always sit down and have a "Family Business Meeting".  We recap the year that is closing, we share our successes, challenges, and areas of improvement. In addition, we share our goals for the upcoming year.  This has been great for us, because #1 it's great to hear what goals we have individually.  It allows us to become each others cheerleader and accountability partners.  Another major reason we meet, is we set our family goals.  I love doing this, because it helps keep our family growing in every area. Throughout the year we will have our "family business meeting" and check in on our progress to each goal. 

Can I go off topic for a second? Rick and I regularly have business meetings, and it have been so awesome for our family and marriage.  It allows us a safe time where we both are mentally prepared to discuss the not so fun stuff about being married and running a household.  We discuss finances, schedules, family operations, and any pending challenges. This has been extremely helpful to our marriage.  We have an set time that we can tackle the operations of our household.  That way no one is caught off guard.  It has been very productive, and helped us a ton with communication. Just had to share that. 

Here are just a few of my 2017 goals.  I will definitely need some help keeping me on track! haha.

Maintain a regular workout regime: Normally I am pretty good about this, but the way my life has been lately....well...The scale has not been my friend lately.  The biggest struggle for me is remembering that even if in the midst of a busier season of life, I can't neglect working out. For me, working out gives me energy, definitely making this a higher priority!

Add new recipes in the rotation: I know that my boys probably get so bored with my normal handful of meals. (although they better be glad I am even cooking) Even still I want to get some new meals that are easy, healthy, and kid approved.  If you have some please share! 

Decorate for each holiday: This may seem small, but growing up my mom always decorated that house for each holiday.  I loved it, and it made every holiday that so festive! I always say I want to do this for the boys, but it never fails I end up slacking. 

Organize family photos: Am I the only one with tons of pictures, with almost all of them not in a scrapbook or photo album.  I've been wanting to make scrapbooks and also make some Shutterfly albums. I WILL tackle and complete this project.  

Grow my accessories:  I have the hardest time keeping my jewelry.  I swear in my jewelry box I have some many earrings missing the match. :( I keep them there in hopes that I will find the match.  Because of that I didn't always buy really nice jewelry.  I want to start growing my jewelry collection. 

Completely decorate our house: We will be moving soon, and into a bigger home than we have now.  I want to take it room by room, and decorate each to completion.  It will be a journey, but I really am excited about the journey to get our home exactly how we want it! 

Regularly take "me" time: I always take care of my boys first, but sometimes that causes me to get burnt out.  Making it a point to spend some time on me, even if it is going to get a pedicure or dinner with the girls. 

Those are just a handful of my goals this year.  Can't wait to continue to grow my blog, and keep sharing my life + style with everyone! 

Happy New Year!