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Thursday, May 31, 2018


I cannot believe that May is almost over.  This month flew by! Ending May out now means Cameron is out for Summer break, and I now how almost a 5th grader (scary).  With the end of every month comes my monthly favorites! 

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Clothing item: Lately I have been loving the Spring/Summer clothing that Target has been bringing out.  Example this wide leg jumpsuit is amazing and only $29.99! Target always for the most part comes through with nice clothing additions, I love this jumpsuit and this dress
Favorite Baby item:  Cyrus has really this past month transitioned from an arm baby to now a baby that is curious and so playful. With this transition we suddenly realized we were not equipped for this new stage of life.  We didn't have many toys, so I had to make a quick Target run to stock up.  
We got Cyrus this Baby Einstein Jumper and he has been loving it.  He is a jumping machine.  This is actually the 3rd time we have gotten this jumper.  Each kid has loved it so we figured why reinvent the wheel.  What I love is it has many adjustable settings as the baby grows. Many different toys that keep Cyrus engaged, and on top of that it is strengthening him.  I would highly recommend it if you have a baby that is just starting to sit up. 
Another baby item favorite are my baby spoons we have been using for Cyrus as he started eating baby food. Got them from Target and they are the Munchkin brand.  I was on the hunt for some cost effective yet functional spoons.  These are perfect because the spoon is long so you don't have to worry about the food getting all on the side of the spoon where you touch.  Definitely a small mom victory!

Favorite new home project: We are continuously working on our home to complete the decor.  This month we finished switching out the dining room lighting in each room.  Our home came with basic lighting fixtures, and I always knew I wanted to upgrade. Most of my home has gold finishes, I fell in love with a chandelier from World Market.  I bought this almost full price, and now it is on major sale!
Favorite Blog Post:   My favorite post this my is by far Cyrus's nursery reveal.  I loved to finally be able to complete his room, and for the color scheme to be so much different than the previous boys nurseries.  If you have not already looked at it definitely check it out.
Favorite food:  With it getting warmer we have fully started grilling out all the time.  In the Spring/Summer we keep it pretty simple by grilling out constantly.  What I love about it allows me to be able to throw multiple meats on the grill that we eat for the whole week.  The only thing I do is each evening we will make a different side, a definite tip for helping give you back some time.  We have been having Salmon.
Favorite highlight of the month:  As Cameron's school has been doing all of it's end of the year ceremonies, it was pretty cool that Cam got awarded for being on the Honor Roll the entire year! How awesome?!  While we love that Cam plays sports, we always stress to him that sports are irrelevant against his academics.  We love to see that he is excelling consistently in school.
Favorite Sale/Budget Tip: It's no secret that I enjoy shopping.  (My husband would probably huff at this point. lol) However, I am on a budget so I say I shop responsibly.  Every month I will start to share with you a budget tip from a shoppers perspective that helps me keep my budget in check!
If you are going to shop you might as well get cash back for doing so!  There is not a time that I don't shop when I don't use Ebates and now newly Dosh prior to checking out.  Ebates was always something I used, but I do like Dosh now as it has a bigger variety in participating store and the cash back is quicker! Simply sign up and link your card and start saving.  Ebates I do still use and its nice because quarterly I will get a pleasant surprise in my Paypal account. Go to Ebates and Dosh to get signed up and start getting cashback.

FAVORITE MONTHLY MOTIVATION: God is asking you to do some hard things right now because breakthrough is coming and you need to be ready! 
Love this, and further confirms I must trust the process.

Favorite Instagram Post:
Favorite Blog Post: Summer Must haves 

Cyrus Milestone:  This month Cyrus got 2 teeth fully sticking out, and he started to be able to sit up! 


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Home Project: We are working on finishing out our landscaping out front. We are doing this completely DIY so it is taking some time especially with the heat kicking in. 

We are also working on completing the decor for our dining room!

What was your favorite thing this month?

XO Taryn

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