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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Summer is approaching and that means times to stock your closet with 3 must haves that you cannot do without this summer.  A kimono, wedges, and a statement bag.  All 3 are  Sole Society pieces and make the perfect Summer outfit.

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Kimono: My favorite way to style Kimono's is to have a basic layer underneath and allow the Kimono to be the statement piece.  I opted to jazz up this outfit a bit and have a fitted all black dress.  I would definitely wear this outfit out for a date night with the hubby.  Do you like wearing fitted dresses, but don’t want all the goods out there on display?! Add a Kimono gives the perfect balance of sassy and fun. Kimonos are great for a summer vacation and can act as a cover-up, or pair with jeans and heels. 

Wedges:  Do you ever want to look cute, but don’t feel like dealing with your feet hurting?  Wedges solve that problem for me.  They are comfortable, but also easy to dress up. Mine are very comfortable and com in a few different options. I wear wedges majority of the time in warmer months because they are so versatile. 

Statement bag: Summer is a great time to branch out and try bright colors that are are playful that is the focal point.  

I normally style Kimonos with pants, but to make this a little more fitting for date night I a styled it a bit edgier.

Side note: If you aren’t trying to look your best for your husband/partner, I challenge you to do so.  We don’t always get the opportunity to get out of the house, so I have been making it my goal to work on putting in effort.  I've found something so simple like putting in a little extra effort to get ready for my husband has improved our relationship a thousand percent.

Not only does he visually like it, because let's be real majority of the time I am walking around in my pajamas. He also appreciates that I actually want to look good for him.  In turn I found that things that matter to me he also puts in a little extra effort. So really it ends up being a win-win scenario.

Each piece is an essential that can be styled many different ways throughout the summer!

Happy Styling!


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