About Me

For so long I have loved putting outfits together, styling myself and my family.  I get joy of a perfectly put together outfit! It is fun for me and allows me to express myself creatively.

Glamorous Versatility is more than a name, it is a phrase that sums me up perfectly.  I wear many different hats in my life.  Wife, Mom, HR manager, daughter, sister, friend, sports mom cheerleader, and most importantly a faithful Christian.  Each of those roles requires a different part me, and in most cases they require versatility in my wardrobe.  Who am I kidding? I REALLY love clothes...accessories...and most importantly...SHOES! I believe that how I dress effect my mood, so I choose to add glam and versatility in all my outfit choices. Whether I am dressing down to be soccer mom or getting dolled up for date night with the hubby.

Another major reason I started a blog is because I am a young mom and wife. I love being a mom, but sometimes it gets tough to remember yourself and take time to put yourself together.  I got to a point where I had to make a choice to not lose myself in the many hats that I wear.  I still wanted to look cute and put together, even though I am running to a baseball game, and chasing after a toddler. I still wanted to be able to put a cute dress and go out with my girlfriends.  This blog I hope shows women that wear many hats that you can do so and still look glamorous in every role.

I'm so appreciative that you found this blog and took the time to read.  My hope is that my posts inspire some new glamorous looks to add to your wardrobe. 


  1. I love your look. Its rewarding to be able to make your own clothes. I plan to start sewing again. Thanks for the inspiration.