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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I am still going strong Breastfeeding Cyrus!  The problem is I struggle with finding nursing friendly tops that are cute yet comfortable.  When I search nursing top I always see maternity tops that I can also function as a nursing top. Ummm...why do I want to still be maternity tops if I am not pregnant? Long story short I wanted to find a top that I can look cute in but also nurse if needed.  

I stumbled on this top.  I really like it for many different reasons.

1. I can breastfeed easily in this top.
2. You can dress it down or add some heels to also make it a date night top. 
3.  Peplums are great to bring less attention to the midsection. 
Top |  Jeans |  Shoes |  Bracelet  | Watch |  Necklace |  Earrings | Handbag

What I love about this top even more is the fact that I can wear this even after I am done breastfeeding Cyrus. 

That leads me to my next point, sometimes nursing can almost feel like an extension of being pregnant.  You have to watch what you eat and drink, and you are the sole food source for your baby to grow.  It can have you not really feeling like yourself. And wearing frumpy clothes can add to you not feeling like you look your best.  You will be surprise how much getting a top that fits and flatters the size your are will help with how you feel about yourself. 

Embrace the stage that you and find clothes that help you feel and look your best!

XO Taryn

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